Mission and Goals

The Chamber of Commerce of Lytle is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization established to serve as an investment in the future of Lytle, Texas.  Its goals are to:

Represent the business, professional, agricultural, tourism and community interests that advance the well-being of Lytle, Texas

Preserve and promote free enterprise in our area

Actively participate and support activities and programs serving Atascosa and Medina County

Advocate for the exchange of ideas with all levels of government in our region

Create jobs through industrial and economic development by working with existing businesses and seeking new development opportunities

Promote and publicize tourism resources

Improve the overall business climate for members through sponsorship of programs that stimulate economic growth, spur civic development and enhance political action

Be a beacon to which members and the community strive to conduct programs, activities and services





2017 Board Members

The following individuals have been voted to represent the Chamber of Commerce of Lytle in leadership roles to advance the state of business relationships and economic development in the Lytle area:

  • President:  Teresa Villarreal
  • Vice President:  Celia Crouch
  • Treasurer:  Denise Estrada
  • Secretary:  Linda Cate
  • Board of Directors: Larry Sanders, Marcie Brown, Leo Klesel, Butch Cook, Jyoti Bhakta

Chamber Documents

Feel free to download any of the following Chamber of Commerce of Lytle documents for review: